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Guide to the NitroEurope Database and available parameters

Please select a dataset (form) to display metadata:

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refers to field measurements at "Inferential" sites; Bulk measurements" of anions, cations and total water soluble N; "DELTA" measurements of gaseous HNO3, HONO, SO2, HCl, NH3, aerosol NO3, NO2-, SO4-, Cl-, NH4+ and basic cations


refers to field measurements at regional sites across Europe


refers to field measurements made at the network of 13 "supersites" across Europe


refers to measurements made at manipulation sites across Europe


has no data uploaded


refers to site description data, and other data that are measured once-only


refers to instrument, field and laboratory methods used


refers to measurements that are made once a year, once a season, once a month, every one or two weeks, and other highly resolved time-series data


refers to the data sets specific for C1L1, where nitrogen compounds and aerosol flux concentrations were measured

Site Management

Redundant - not used

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