NitroEurope - Dissemination Activities


The list below gives an overview of promoting NitroEurope as well as Nitrogen related research at a variety of events. For a detailed overview of the scientific reports and publications in peer-reviewed journals, have a look at the Bibliography pages. In addition to individual journal publications and other activities, NitroEurope has (and is currently) providing guest editors for a series of special journal issues:

  • Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment (AGEE): Reactive nitrogen in agroecosystems: Integration with greenhouse gas interactions; edited by Stefan Reis, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl and Mark Sutton; Volume 133, Issues 3-4, Pages 135-288 (October 2009), published
  • European Journal of Soil Science (EJSS): Biosphere-atmosphere exchange of reactive nitrogen; edited by Claus Beier, Ute Skiba and Mark Sutton, Volume 61, Issue 5, Pages 627–805 (October 2010) published
  • Plant and Soil (PLSO): Reactive nitrogen and greenhouse flux interactions in terrestrial ecosystems; edited by Per Ambus, Ute Skiba, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl and Mark Sutton; Volume 343, Numbers 1-2 / June 2011 (June 2011) published
  •  Environmental Pollution (EnvPol): Assessment of nitrogen and greenhouse gas fluxes from landscape scale to continental scale; edited by Wim de Vries, Pierre Cellier, Jan Willem Erisman and Mark Sutton; Volume 159, Issue 11, Pages 3143-3268 (November 2011) published
  • Biogeosciences (BG): Nitrogen and Global Change; edited by Gilles Billen, Pierre Cellier, Jan Willem Erisman, Arvin Mosier, Eiko Nemitz, Hans van Grinsven, Maren Voss, Janet Sprent, Ute Skiba, Claus Beier and Stefan Reis; in progress (closed for submissions)


NitroEurope activities:

Kick-Off Meeting
Garmisch-Partenkirchen, March 13-17, 2006

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Other activities:

UNECE Task Force Measurements and Modelling (TFMM) (Helsinki, May 2006)

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Workshop on Delta Low-Cost Denuders at the TFMM (Helsinki, May 2006)

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European Parliament Hearing - Contribution on Nitrogen (May 2006)

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UNECE Task Force Integrated Assessment Modelling (TFIAM) (Rome, May 2006)

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iEMSs Summit on Environmental Modelling and Software (Vermont, July 2006)

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Open Science Conference on the GHG Cycle in the Northern Hemisphere (November 2006)

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IGAC Newsletter No. 34 / December 2006: The Nitrogen Cycle and Its Influence on the European
Greenhouse Gas Balance

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NitroEurope Information Brochure

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NitroEurope IP presentation for iLEAPS - Nitrogen and the European greenhouse gas balance (18 Jan, 2007)

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4th EU-Japan Workshop on Climate Change Research (Brussels, 12-13 March 200)

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Workshop on Fertilizer Best Management Practise, International Fertilizer Industry Association (Brussels, 7-9 March 2007)

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NitroEurope related presentation for the CCE workshop of ICP Mapping and Modelling in Sofia, 24 April, 2007
Impacts of agricultural management on fluxes of nitrogen and greenhouse gases and on critical N load exceedances

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Spanish News article on research activities of the spanish NitroEurope teams (04 June 2007)

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NitroEurope Contribution to the ALTERNET Summer School in Peyresque (September 2007)

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Workshop in Integrated Assessment Modelling of Nitrogen - TFIAM & COST729, Laxenburg (November 2007)

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Your-Turn Event at CEH Edinburgh (October 2007)

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NitroEurope and other activities as contributions to COST Action 729 (April 2008)

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UNECE Working Group on Strategies and Review, WGSR, 42nd session (September 2008)

Mark Sutton (as co-chair of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen, TFRN) Presentation Acrobat

NitroEurope Overview presented to the CarboEurope Meeting in Jena (October 2008)

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Brochure "Managing the European Nitrogen Problem" (July 2009)

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TFRN 3, Dublin (November 2009)

3rd Meeting of the UNECE Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen

AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (December 2009)

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NEU Open Science Conference,  Solothurn (Feburary 2010)

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NEU Article in Parliament Magazine, Issue 309 (May 2010)

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FP7 Information Day - Food, Agriculture, Biotechnology and Environment themes

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The Nitrogen Cycle – in a fix? Royal Society of Chemistry, London (9 March 2011)

A one-day symposium organised by the RSC’s Environmental Chemistry Group (ECG) and the Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry, incorporating the 2011 ECG Distinguished Guest Lecture to be given by Prof James Galloway (University of Virginia).  

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Invited lecture “Nitrogen and Global Change” to INRA (Le Croisic, FR, 30 May 2011)
Workshop on Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Carbon Cycling

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Invited presentation on the European Nitrogen Assessment (ENA) to the first meeting of the Stakeholder Group of Experts on EU Air Quality Policy (Brussels, 7 June 2011)

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Invited presentation at the Agriculture & Climate Stakeholder Meeting, Scottish Government (Edinburgh, June 2011)

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Planet Earth "Distilling Nitrogen Science" (Winter 2011)

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