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Data Management Policy

Two documents outlines the strategy adopted by NitroEurope partners to manage its data:

The NitroEurope Data Policy document addresses issues related to the provision, exchange, availability, maintenance and use of data produced by the NEU research activities or acquired from third parties as a support to this research.

The Data Management Plan sets the way to implement principles developed in the NitroEurope Data Policy, to which it refers. This is intended to be a working document and some of its sections will be updated in the course of the project.

Data Delivery Dates and Milestones

Important dates for the collection and delivery of data and how it flows from component to component can be downloaded here.

NEU Cookbooks (latest version - Jun07)

C1 and C2 site Cookbook: this cookbook is a compilation of methods commonly used for the mandatory measurements required at NEU Level 3 and Manipulation sites. It is an ongoing project and throughout the NEU project more methods will be added and existing methods edited. Please send comments and descriptions of methods to

Note: Erratum in previous version (Jan07) : static chamber over short vegetation should only be 20 cm high and not 45 cm!

Data Management Committee

The organisation of data within NitroEurope is the managed by the Date Management Committee (DMC). This committee is made up of the following members:

Any queries about managing your data please contact your relevant component data manager.

Click a database icon to go to the appropriate login page:

C1-C3 datacentre C4 datacentre C5-C6 datacentre
C1-C3 databaseC4 databaseC5-C6 database

C1 - C3 Database Known Issues

If you discover an issue when using the database, please check this list first to see if it has been reported.

Please report any new issues with the database to as soon as possible.

Reported Issues

Date Posted




23/02/2010User guides need updatingWill be available shortlyReported
23/02/2010Online help screens need updatingWill be available shortlyReported
23/02/2010Time series data: Duplicate records - where all the key field values (eg same date/time, same treatment etc) are already present on the database - will NOT be detected if the earliest date's data are not on the first data row and/or the latest date's data are not on the last row of any data sheet.
Software fix will not available for NEU (time and cost restraints)
Recommended procedure: Ensure the earliest date is the first row and the latest date is the last row in any worksheet
Software fix will not available for NEU (time and cost restraints)Recommended procedure: Ensure the earliest date is the first row and the latest date is the last row in any worksheet
Reported, solution available

For C1L3 uploading only:

We have discovered that the clean-up macro for C1L3 EXCEL data workbooks may not work properly in some versions of EXCEL.

Please follow this protocol:

1. Try uploading your corrected V5.2 data templates WITHOUT running the clean-up macro.
2. If you have problems, then run the clean-up macro and upload the "cleaned" file that the macro generates
3. If you still have problems, then contact

Reported, solution available
 For C2 uploading only:

There have been problems uploading very long datasets (~ 52000 rows). This has been observed for sheet 10.2 for site Tolfa. When submitted as a complete workbook, this exceeds the oracle system limits.


THE NEW DATABASE VERSION SHOULD HANDLE ALL WORKSHEETS TOGETHER WITH NO PROBLEM. However, if you have trouble with this again please contact for support and help

When submitted as a complete workbook, this exceeds the oracle system limits. Therefore if you have trouble uploading your workbook, and you get an "oops" message, then if your workbook contains one or more sheets with more than 10000 rows, please adopt the following upload procedure:

1/ Upload all sheets except those containing huge numbers of rows of data. There is a new selection button to "select/deselect" all to help you. Simply click this button to "select all" and then de-select all worksheets with large numbers of rows, and also those worksheets with information and no data (1.1, 1.2 and contents).

2/ when these data are uploaded, select "save but do not submit"

3/ Re-enter the upload process, and this time, simply click to select the worksheet with the large number of rows. Select no other worksheet. 4/ When this worksheet is uploaded, you can either "save but do not submit" if there are errors to deal with, or at this point you can "save and submit for validation". All the uploaded data, including the sheet with large numbers of rows, should now submit OK.

 The Report Wizard "frequency and grouping" function cannot be used st the moment for datasets that have more than one key-field (eg "Date", "treatment", "block").Frequency and Grouping are now working for reports, but the graphing simply takes the average across all keys (eg treatment, block) and plots against time. Further improvements may be available in the near future.Partly Resolved
 Reports with "frequency and grouping" on datasets with only one key-field appear on the screen but cannot be downloaded at the moment.This issue will be resolved as soon as possibleRESOLVED
 CSV download, unexpected ordering of columns. Does not appear to be a problem with Excel download. Reported
 Inconsistent splitting of rows of data when fields from multiple worksheets are selected, i.e. the date/time is repeated and the fields from each worksheet are reported on separate rows.Use the Frequency function when designing the report and set it to the maximum resolution of the data, e.g. where maximum resolution of data is 30 minutes (such as 30 Min Met and 30 Min Flux Conc data), set frequency to Minutes, and all data for the same date/time will appear on the same row.RESOLVED
 When reporting as a graph, if you select a non-existent date, such as 31/06/08, you will receive the message 'Error in loading data'. If you then enter a correct date, the same message appears.Click on 'Reports' in the navigation at the top of the screen and re-run the graph report with correct dates.Reported, solution available
 Grouping function returns no data RESOLVED


Field Metadata for C1 - C3 Database - Click Here

Field metadata for other forms will be made available when these data are ready for reporting.


Data Templates- New Version 5.2 Templates for C1L3 now available.

Our data managers have designed templates (Excel) for collecting data from our network of Level sites. The new C1L3 Version 5 templates are now available.

Component 1

Component 2

Data for Component 1 Level 3 Sites (Excel Workbooks) - NEW Version 5.2

Following the C1 data quality meeting, all your existing V4.0 data files have been converted to V5.2 format, and are available here as the starting point for your updates.

[Please click on the site name to download the zipped data files. Alternatively go to the File Manager -navigate to DATA/LEVEL3 and grab the data there (right-click to 'Download as file'!)]

Site Ecosystem
Auchencorth Shrub/Wetland
Bugac Grassland
Castellaro Arable
East Bush NE Grassland
Easter Bush SW Grassland
Gebesee Arable
Grignon Arable
Hoglwald Forest
Hyytiala Forest
Lompolojannka Shrub/Wetland
Oensingen Grassland
Piana de Sele Arable
Soroe Forest
Speulder Forest

Using File Manager

Use the file management system for uploading and exchanging documents and files (e.g. project mintues, agendas, reports etc). Please use sensible file naming conventions on folder names (avoid spaces) and the file themselves. The file system is organised by Component. If you have any problems in uploading a file or you need admin rights to add folders, or rename or delete files, you can contact us at the NEU Secretariat.

Remember: right-click to download a file!

User Guides

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