Scientific Steering Committee and External Advisory Group

NitroEurope - Scientific Steering Committee

Each of the members of the Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) has been involved in leading previous European research efforts into nitrogen and carbon cycles (projects shown in brackets). The present membership of the SSC is:

NameInstituteNEU Role
Mark Sutton NERC

Coordinator & Component 1 NEU Flux Network Leader

Maria Francesca Cotrufo
Sophie Zechmeister-Boltenstern
Activity 1.4 Plant & Soil Pools, Processes & Interactions Leader & Gender Committee Leader
Claus Beier RISOE Component 2 NEU Ecosystem Manipulation Leader
Klaus Butterbach-Bahl FZK Component 3 NEU Plot Scale Modelling Leader
Pierre Cellier INRA Component 4 NEU Landscape Analysis Leader
Wim de Vries ALTERRA Component 5 NEU European Integration Leader
Jan Willem Erisman ECN Component 6 NEU Verification Leader


NitroEurope - External Advisory Group

The External Advisory Group (EAG) acts as the external review board, linking to international programmes and policy stakeholders. It advises the IP Co-ordinator and the SSC about the science of NEU, producing reviews annually and upon request (see the terms of reference for more information).


The EAG Board has elected Peringe Grennfelt as its chair and will be invited to participate at General Assemblies. It will prepare a short annual review about scientific achievements, integration within the project, relevance for stakeholders and contribute to the periodic Review and Assessment (R&A) activity. Members of the EAG may serve for part of all of the IP duration, and new members of the EAG may be added as needs arise.

Current members of the EAG are:

- Janet Sprent
  Emeritus Professor, University of Dundee; Chair of the UK Global Nitrogen Enrichment (GANE) programme; Member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
  Expertise: nitrogen fixation interactions, science application


Samantha Baker
  Dept. for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, London
  Expertise: Transboundary Air Pollution and Integrated Assessment, Kyoto science-policy and GHG reporting


Keith Bull & Matti Johannson
  Chief, Air and Water Team, UNECE CLRTAP Secretariat, Geneva
  Expertise: Transboundary air pollution science-policy interaction


Peringe Grennfelt
  Professor, Scientific Director at the Swedish Environmental Research Institute (IVL) in Gothenburg
  Expertise: atmospheric deposition process including direct effects to vegetation and mass balance studies in ecosystems, integrated assessments on international air pollution problems


Tor Bjorn Larsson & Anke Luekewille
  European Environment Agency, Copenhagen
  Expertise: Convention on Biological Diversity; special interest in forest & N interactions


Luc Maene
  Director General, International Fertiliser Industry Association (IFA), Paris
  Expertise: Industry perspective on the use and impacts of nitrogen


Arvin Mosier
  Professor in Global Environmental Change and Food Systems, University of Florida
  Expertise: Leading international scientist on GHG flux interactions


Till Spranger
  Federal Environmental Protection Agency of Germany (UBA), Berlin. Chairman of the Task Force on Mapping and Modelling, CLRTAP; Management Board COST 729
  Expertise: Atmospheric nitrogen deposition and impact and policy analysis


Ulrich Daemmgen
  Former head of of the FAL Institute of Agroecology, Germany and co-chair of the UNECE Task Force Emission Inventories and Projection's Agriculture and Nature Panel
  Expertise: Ammonia from agriculture,nitrogen flows from livestock, manure management, emission control