EGU 2011

EGU2011 will have over 720 unique Sessions in 28 Programme Groups, covering broadly all aspects of the geosciences, planetary and space sciences. Within each Programme Group, you will find the name of each session, description, conveners, and a link "Abstract Submission".

Using this link you are asked to log in to the Copernicus Office Meeting Organizer. You may submit the text of your contribution as plain text, LaTeX, or MS Word content. Please pay attention to the First Author Rule as described at:

As part of abstract submission this year, there will be a EUR 40 Abstract Processing Charge (APC) per abstract. This is to help address the issue of the 10-25% "no shows" per session, i.e. abstracts submitted but then not presented. The registration fees will be reduced to take
into account the abstract fee, so that the total cost for registration + APC for someone submitting one abstract during the EGU2011 will be the same as the registration fees for the former assemblies in 2010 and 2009.

The deadline for the receipt of Abstracts is 10 Jan 2011.
In case you would like to apply for support (see, please submit no later than 03 Dec 2010.

We would like to highlight one session specifically as it is convened by NitroEurope participants:

Cropland green house gas (GHG) fluxes and related uncertainties

Convener: Martin Wattenbach

Co-Conveners: Pete Smith, Jagadeesh B. Yeluripati, Pia Gottschalk

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from croplands are some of the least well quantified and most uncertain ecosystem fluxes. Croplands play, however, a crucial role in not only food production but also in mitigating climate change. We invite talks that cover measurements and modelling of the major GHGs fluxes from croplands. Talks addressing uncertainty issues arising from management activities as well as modelling related issues like model initialisation are especially welcome. The session is also addressing up scaling of cropland GHG fluxes to continental or global scale. In relation to the up scaling part we invite contributions on mitigation and adaptation strategies in arable systems under the context of food and water security.


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