Just go for it! - Gender Action Workshop at the 5th GA in Solothurn, Monday, 1st of February 2010

Just go for it!

This half-day workshop for women in science is led by experienced facilitator Ursula Lengauer. It will encourage you to take on career challenges, become resilient to failure, enter the stage and finally enjoy your success.

While women in science excel in their specific fields of research, they often have difficulties in building their careers in the academic world. There are lots of structural reasons for this. There is something each and every one of us can do for ourselves, too. Women tend to thoroughly focus on their research work. But they often miss out on developping realistic career goals, forming strong networks and communicating their wishes to the right people.

In the afternoon worldwide known scientist Nina Buchmann - currently Chair of Grassland Sciences at ETH Zurich - will describe and discuss her experiences, problems, solution or winning attitudes in coping with both her career and personal life. Questions will be generated in small working-groups during the first part of the workshop in the morning.

The learning outcome of this workshop should be to enable you to decide on the amount of time and ressources you will invest into career building from now on. This session provides you with a framework for selfassessment and encourages you to share your best practice experience, thus enforcing mutual support and a sense of community with other women in academia.


Ursula Lengauer, Ph.D. (History of Art, History of Economics) runs her own counselling and consulting services in Vienna, Austria. She has specialised on career counselling for women since the late 1980ies. Five years ago she has set focus on the specific target group of women in science. In addition to counselling individuals and teams, Ursula Lengauer develops and teaches courses at the Career Centres of many Austrian universities. She combines her research on gender issues with her practical experience as a teacher, counsellor and former journalist to help others who are making decisions in career building. Six times a year she hosts the friday-afternoon-meeting "Open House for Women in Science" at her place in the heart of Vienna. Ursula persues her interest in arts and social issues in her spare time.

Please email neu@ceh.ac.uk if you intend to participate in this workshop!