'Women in science' book and audio book now available

The European Commission's Directorate-General for Research has published a book about 'Women in science'. Available online a

nd as an audio book, the publication tells the fascinating stories of outstanding female scientists, such as Marie Curie-Sklodowska and Hildegard Von Bingen, and their achievements.

'For much of human history, women were officially excluded from the scientific realm,' says EU Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik. 'However, in spite of their invisibility in the history narrative, this did not mean that science was exclusively a man's world. Many women, throughout the centuries, have managed to overcome their marginalisation and excel in their chosen field, making vital contributions to the sum of human knowledge.'

'With this book we would like to celebrate European women scientists throughout the ages,' Commissioner Potocnik continues. 'The book tells the compelling stories of some of the heroines of European science - some sung but many unsung - and, through their narratives, it enrich

es and completes the history of scientific knowledge by highlighting its female face.'

The book (in pdf format) and audio book (in mp3 format) are available at: